Slurry Treatment

A combination fine bubble aeration with a microbial inoculant work to transform the potential of your slurry as a fertilizer.

Slurry Mixing

Aerobact provides simple easy to use mixing systems to make the handling and moving of slurry easier and safer.

Farm Building Ventilation

We have a new range of air movement technologies designed to ventilate your buildings as efficiently as possible.

Aeration for Treatment

Our fine bubble diffusers are ideally suited for waste water and aquaculture treatment systems increasing DO levels.

Aerobact Systems

What we do.

We aerate liquids (transfer oxygen into a liquid via diffusion). We have developed a system to treat slurry and enhance its natural fertilizer properties.

Working closely with local universities Aerobact set out to find a process to enhance the natural fertilizer value of slurry. During storage significant amounts of nitrogen can be lost from manure before it can be applied as a fertiliser. In some cases these losses could be up to as much as 80% of the nitrogen content meaning that you will ultimately have to replace those losses with expensive bagged fertilisers. The Aerobact system stops the loss and converts the nutrients into a plant friendly form. Slurry is a valuable farm asset and with the Aerobact treatment system we can help you turn muck into brass.

Additionally we can also supply systems that will just mix your slurry if that is what you need. The diffusers are also used in aquaculture and waste water treatment as well as for the destratification of lakes or ponds. Recently we also launched a range of temperature control and ventilation units for use in your farm buildings.

Aerobact's fine bubble diffusers are suitable for a wide range of applications and they are easy to install. They require no fixing meaning both installation time and cost are reduced. Their flexible nature means that the build-up that occurs on other fixed diffusers can simply crack off keeping our diffusers low maintenance and making them long lasting. At Aerobact we understand that all installations are different so there are no standard packages. The amount of diffusers and air pump size will depend on a range of factors and we will work with you to find the best arrangement to suit your specific needs.