Slurry Mixing (used in tanks & lagoons).

Keeping it simple.

Mixing slurry can be a costly and difficult business. The Aerobact Slurry mixing systems are simple and easy to use. The fine bubble diffusers are simply thrown into your store and the bubbles work to break up the floating crust and mix the slurry to create homogenous liquid that is easy to handle and pump.

No need to tie up equipment.

The Aerobact system works off single or three phase electric with a small air pump and can be left to bubble away while you get on with your other work. You do not need a tractor or other expensive machinery to run it, you can just plug it in, throw the diffusers in and get on with your day.

Well mixed slurry.

The fine bubble pattern of the diffusers mixes the slurry thoroughly. The better mixed the slurry the easier it is to pump and handle. It also means that you can properly empty your store rather than just remove the liquid section in the middle. If you don't break up the crust it will just sink as you empty the tank reducing the capacity for future storage periods. By using the Aerobact System you break up the crust and incorporate it so that it will be removed with the liquid portion and ensure that you have the full capacity available to you. Also if you remove the crust you also eliminate the potential for a dangerous gas build up.

The Aerobact system offers you flexibility. If you chose to keep your slurry in a mixed state for the whole spreading season then you increase your slurry availibility as the well mixed liquid is ready to just hook up and go. Or if you prefer you can just throw the diffusers in before you know you will be out in the fields and leave the diffusers to work then as soon as you have finished pull the diffusers out, jet them off and store them until your next application. The air pump unit is low consuption so economical to run and the small diffusers are mighty enough to break up even the thickest crust.