What people are saying about Aerobact

"I have visually seen the increases in spring grass growth and our plate meter readings back this up over last year. The fields we spread on were much quicker to get going than the fields with fertilizer alone."

"Slurry spread this year has produced significantly more grass growth. I was planning to re seed the field but this will not be necessary, the money I saved can now be spent on other requirements on the farm."

Giles Bristol Staffordshire County Council Tenant farmer - Aerobact Slurry Treatment System

"The installation was seamless with no need to empty the tower or interrupt the slurry process.

"There is a noticeable reduction in odour particularly when spreading which means we have captured more of the Nitrogen. The slurry is readily taken up by the grass which is ready for grazing after only a few days."

Graham Cooper Staffordshire Farmer - Aerobact Slurry Treatment System