Slurry Treatment - The Process

Slurry Aeration & Microbial Treatment System

Aerobacts slurry systems are used to enhance the beneficial properties of slurry to create an efficient natural fertilizer.

During storage significant amounts of nitrogen can be lost before it can be applied as a source of nutrients.The longer your slurry is in storage, due to application regulations or weather restrictions, the more value your slurry looses to the atmosphere as it degrades.

Our system provides oxygen to change the bio-ecology of the slurry. It works to meet the biological oxygen demands during the storage period and provide dissolved oxygen within the slurry to create a healthy aerobic environment (for aerobic bacteria to thrive).

Once the bio-ecology of the slurry has been changed a bacterial inoculant is introduced to promote the nutrient capture. If these bacteria were added without the changing the oxygen levels they would not survive. These selected species work to capture the nitrogen that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere and hold it in a plant-friendly form until application to land. By changing the bioecology we stop the production of harmful and dangerous greenhouse gasses. This is a serious problem and needs addressing.

The system works to help you maximise the nutirent potential of your slurry as a valuable ready to use natural fertiliser.Your grass yields will increase dramatically without the need for expensive artificial fertilisers.

However these are not the only benefits, an Aerobact Slurry Treatment System will also:

  • Remove the crust from stores saving you time, money and man power
  • Stop the build up of dangerous gasses making your slurry safer
  • Remove offensive odours
  • Keep your slurry in a homogeneous easy to handle state so you can hook up and go when the weather suits
  • Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce your feed costs by increasing grass yields
  • Lessen down time on fields as the slurry is absorbed more rapidly in its mixed state so you can return your livestock to pasture sooner
  • Help to reduce the amount of harmful pathogens in the slurry therefore protecting your animals
  • Help to empty your tank more efficiently, mixed slurry is easier to pump and the reduction in sediment means you can empty to a lower level maximising your capacity

Slurry is a valuable source of nutrients which without treatment are lost or wasted.  The nitrogen cycle consists of changing ammonia to ammonium-nitrogen to nitrite and finally nitrate. Plants take up the inorganic soluble nitrate from the soil as much of it is used in chlorophyll molecules which are essential for photosynthesis and plant growth. Aerobact has developed a unique two step bacteria inoculant process to take advantage of the change of conditions in the slurry created by the fine bubble diffusers. Initially to introduce microbial cultures and enzymes to break down solids followed by an inoculant of nitrifying bacteria to convert the ammonia to soluble nitrate.

The system is European Patent Pending (Application No. 14172666.1) and was developed with the help of scientists from local universities. To find out more follow the links to our case studies or contact us and we will be happy to help.