Farm Ventilation

Fans, thermostats and air inlets are used where air temperature and movement must be controlled. Therefore we understand the importance of venitllation systems in the housing of animals sensitive to cold, sudden changes in temperature and drafty conditions. We have fans suitable for swine farrowing and nursery buildings, lambing sheds, warm dairy cattle barns, calving houses and milking sheds and any other farm building in need of temperature or air movement control.

The most common approach is to use fans to blow air out of the building while fresh air is drawn in through inlets on the other side. They are also used in buildings to circulate the air and improve the uniformity of conditions.

There are 2 principle types of fan used

  • Box type fans - used in conventional tiestall barns or loose housing such as free stall barns
  • Large paddle type fans - High Volume Low Speed fans (HVLS)


Aerobact are excited to announce that we are working on a new range of air movement technologies designed to ventilate your farm buildings in the most efficient way possible. Keep an eye on this space as we unveil this exciting new addition to our range.