The flexible diffuser (other uses).

Uses in Aquaculture

These diffusers can be applied to a range of situations. In aquaculture they increase the dissolved oxygen content of your tank which in turn increases the amount of life the system can sustain. In cases of destratification fine bubble diffusers can mix collected water to stop stagnation. Aeration changes the bio-ecology of the liquid promoting aerobic conditions and the breakdown of organic matter.

How it Works

The Aerobact fine bubble diffusers provide a much more efficient system for oxygen transfer than traditional coarse or large bubble diffusers with higher efficiency rates. Our system is retrofittable, the hoses have negative buoyancy so will sit at the bottom of the tank, meaning that the system will fit your existing set up without the need for emptying saving you money and down time. The system is easy to scale up or down so it can expand with your business and the control panel allows you flexibility for continual running or timed aeration.

Live Fish Transport

Small and compact

Aerobact's diffusers come in a range of sizes and are suitable for all sorts of application. A small diffuser on an efficient low energy consuming air pump will vastly improve the water quality of your fish transporting or storing set up thus increasing the number of animals that you can support in the space you have available.

The diffusers are long lasting and easy to use, simply throw into the bottom of the tank and turn the air pump on and you will be able to increase your dissolved oxygen levels significantly enough to ensure the water quality is maintained for the duration of the transport or storage.


Collected rainwater

An Aerobact Diffuser and air pump will work to destraitfy collected rainwater that you have stored ensuring the water quality and preventing stagnation. An added benefit is that oxygen transfer that will occur during the diffusion will leave the water with a fresh, rich taste that any animals or livestock will prefer. The Aerobact diffuser is a simple solution that will be inexpensive to run and maximise any water storage potential on your land.

Lakes and Ponds

Not only are Aerobact's diffusers suitable in lakes and ponds for the support of aquaculture but they are also a beneficial addition to any water body to maintain the water quality. The addition of diffusers will prevent unsightly and damaging algae blooms, increase water colour and visibility and prevent obnoxious odours. these make them the perfect addition to golf courses or ornamental water bodies.

Wastewater Treatments

Landfill Leachate

Aerobact's diffuser systems can be used to effectively treat landfill leachate to reduce ammonia emissions.

Sewage works

The diffusers are robust enough to meet the demands of wastewater treatment in sewage works and will complement your existing system to increase the dissolved oxygen levels and reduce the chemical and biological demand of wastewater.

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