Aeration - How it works (Aeration is the transfer of oxygen into a liquid).

Aerobact's Fine Bubble Diffusers

Fine bubble diffusion is inherently more effective than coarse bubble diffusion in providing a greater mixing action and aeration efficiency. Fine bubbles are energy efficient as they provide a much greater surface area for oxygen transfer to occur.

An Aerobact Fine Bubble Diffuser will:

  • Sink as it is negative bouyancy.
  • Destratify liquids to prevent stagnations via mixing action.
  • Use fine, more energy efficient bubbles.
  • Increased the dissolved oxygen content of your liquid.
  • Retrofit to your system saving you time and money and preventing you from wasting resources.
  • Use flexible diffusers to prevent damage
  • Adapt to the size of your set up by adding additional diffusers where needed
  • Stay low maintenance and have low running costs.

Bubble surface area

The greater the surface area of the bubble the more efficient the transfer of oxygen from the air bubble to the water or slurry will be. A cubic meter of bubbles of 1mm in diameter will provide 10x more surface area than the same volume of 10mm coarse bubbles. This means that the fine bubbles have the potential aerate ten times as much liquid as the coarse bubbles.

Rising time

The rising bubbles physically agitate the liquid and allow the oxygen to be transferred by diffusion. Fine bubbles rise to the surface more slowly allowing a greater time for oxygen transfer to occur increasing the overall efficiency of the system. As the bubbles rise to the surface they drag water behind them creating friction, since fine bubbles have a larger surface area the friction is greater meaning that they will travel more slowly. This increased period of contact time between the bubble and the liquid allows more oxygen to be dissolved. Air is provided by air pumps and can be supplied to suit any application.

The mixing effect

Fine bubble aeration creates a vertical circulation where the continual upward motion of the bubbles destratifies or mixes the liquid body. The rising bubble stream effectively mixes the liquid in which they are placed and reduces both sediment and crust formation while providing an aerobic environment for beneficial bacteria to survive in.

Diffuser properties

The unique fine bubble diffusers are negative bouyancy, robust, reliable and versatile and require no fixing making them suitable for most installations. The diffusers and hoses have negative buoyancy so they will sink to the bottom of the liquid body and their retrofitting capability means you do not need to waste resources emptying tanks or stores saving you time, money and man power.