About Us - How it Started

Aerobact is a privately owned business based in North Staffordshire. We have worked closely with local farmers, universities, testing laboratories and industry experts to develop adaptable solutions to a complex problem.

Sharing knowledge gained over 20 years supplying the wastewater industries we have an sought ingenious solution to increase the dissolved oxygen content of farm slurry.  Stemming from an idea to use technologies previously applied to wastewater we sought to adapt the system to benefit the farming community by turning what is often seen as a waste into a valuable asset. The idea came many years before the technology caught up but with our new no fixing negative buoyancy diffusers we were able to work to capture nitrogen and fully enhance the natural nutrients of farm slurry.

Aerobact was formed in December 2012 to manufacturer a system developed on the principle of using fine bubble aeration in combination with a microbial inoculant of Proteobacteria to produce a suitable plant fertiliser comprised of enriched nutrient levels. We worked closely with both Keele and Staffordshire universities as well as consulting the environment agency and other industry bodies to test and develop a system that positively impacts the farming community by adding value to their slurry in an environmentally friendly manner with a short payback period.

We set out to achieve this aim to provide solutions to slurry processing problems and to protect farmers against the costs of fertiliser and the increasing application and odour regulations and restrictions in a volatile market. We provide a simple, easy to install solution to make slurry safe which produces a useable high quality fertiliser.

We don't provide set packages because no two farms are the same. At Aerobact we pride ourselves on working closely with you to find the solution to suit your needs.

Please contact us for further information.